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The dental examination includes a gum check and a visual check for possible oral disease.

Together with the examination we give our patients individual advice about oral hygiene, flossing techniques and other oral hygiene techniques free of charge within the standard appointment times.


We can do x-rays and OPGś of your teeth, developed within minutes to aid diagnosis.

We also offer  extended consultation times for complex cases.

Impaired gum health is very often the reason for symptoms like bad breath, bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. We have options for you to decide with the help of your dentist such as a  scale and polish and periodontal (gum) treatment. Application of Fluoride varnish to the teeth helps to protect exposed - cold sensitive - root dentin. 


You can choose from different filling materials for cavities in front and molar teeth like composite / glass ionomer (white fillings) or amalgam (silver fillings).

For crowns and bridges we like to discuss with our patients the individual benefits of the wide range of different materials. These include porcelain bonded to precious metal or gold, gold only, ceramic only veneers, crowns and bridges. In addition, inlays and similar are offered with different materials.


Starting with immediate up to  partial and full dentures we can offer our patients  chrome or gold plated metal based partial dentures or tooth coloured clasps on demand. We can also offer flexible plastic dentures. For the most times we can offer a same day repair service for dentures.

For patients suffering from grinding their teeth, bite guards are available as well as mouth guards in different colours to prevent sport  related injuries to the teeth. 

Additional to the tooth extraction service performed by the dentists of the practice we offer you an option for surgical extractions of teeth by our  maxillo-facial surgeon.

All treatments can be undergone under sedation, where patients require this.

Additionally we would like to mention....

We use of state of the art materials and proven types of equipment. They are bought from registered and certified suppliers in the United Kingdom.


Our crowns and dentures are made in England,  very many of them within Southampton city limits -  local dental technicians offer prompt responses, which has an effect both to your convenience and a desired high quality standard.


We are trained to be general dentists. Sometimes specialists are necessary to solve dental problems. Anytime referrals to NHS or private specialists and hospitals are possible for our patients and free of charge.

Currently we are able to offer for dental treatment language assistance in German and Polish. We are happy, if family or friends might come and help to translate.


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Dental Treatment That Can Rejuvenate Your Smile

Stain removal
Replace out-dated fillings
Transform imperfect teeth to beautiful straight smiles using natural looking crowns, veneers and bridges.

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