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We would like to give you an overview about the fees for our most  frequently required treatments.

The fees might vary according to individual treatment requirements.

We aim to keep our patients informed ahead about the type of the treatment, potential alternatives and cost involved. After their examination our patients  receive a written copy of the treatment plan with itemised costs.

Any alterations to the plan which arise during treatment will be discussed with our patients in advance. We aim to keep you informed  about any necessary changes during treatment to allow you a final decision.




Initial examination (new patient)                  £ 47.75

Follow up examination                        £ 19.20

Examination for children                               £   0.00

(accompanied by registered parents)

Small x-ray, each                                              £   4.95

OPG x-ray                                                        £  35.90

Study models                                          from  £ 21.95


Periodontal / Gum treatment

Scale and polish                                      from £ 20.40

Complex gum treatment                        from £ 75.65


Restorative treatment / Fillings

Amalgam based fillings                         from £ 44.80

Composite or glas ionomer fillings

(white fillings)                                         from £ 58.45

Pin retention                                                     £ 29.30


Restorative treatment / Crowns and Bridges

Single crown,

porcelain bonded to metal                   from £ 358.85

Single crown, all ceramic                    from £ 358.85

Veneers                                              quote on request

Gold crown                                      quote on request

Bridge                                               quote on request


Prosthetic treatment / Dentures

Partial denture, plastic based               from £ 285.00

Partial denture,

chrome metal based                          quote on request

Full upper and full lower denture       from £ 660.00

Full upper or full lower denture,

each single                                              from £ 343.25

Intermediate / emergency denture   quote on request



Denture improvements

Impression                                                        £ 14.25

Fracture repair                                       from £ 40.95

Reline per denture                                           £ 63.85

Soft reline per denture                    quote on request

Addition of 1 tooth to denture            £ 56.15


Endodontic treatment (Root Canal treatment)

Incisor                                                      from £ 154.75

Premolar                                                  from £ 211.20

Molar                                                       from £ 267.90



regular                                                  £ 41.85 - £ 87.60

surgical (wisdom teeth and similar)     from £ 140.00


Sedation                                                   from £ 160.00



Appointment fee for unregistered patients         from £  44.00 (not applicable for registered patients)


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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


++44 (0)23 80 224401


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For our exisiting patients:

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